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Why MedLaunch?

We provide YOU with options that suit your needs!


MedLaunch is different than most of the companies in the industry in that it supplies the Seller with a variety of organizations that properly fit their needs. These organizations range from state-wide Management Services Organizations to regional medical groups.

These organizations will provide the Seller with a multitude of options depending on their goals. In the event that selling is not an option, MedLaunch can provide a Management Service Organization with a major support team that has several insurance providers to fulfill the many needs of the Medicare Advantage Patient.
The purchasing organization will also provide full support from technology to marketing to enhance the practice. Employment opportunities for the physician are also available depending on the goals of the Seller. The Physician’s team will also be respected and will be provided with employment options.
These purchasing organization are all Physician owned groups and are committed to maintaining the highest level of Healthcare standards.
MedLaunch also has Buyers that are interested in real estate acquisition. This option can be combined with the sale of the medical practice if the Physician also owns the property.
At no time does MedLaunch require any fees or commissions from the Seller.
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(+1) 561-801-1397

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8:00 am to 7:00 pm (EST)

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